Breaking: Support fund established for farmers affected by flooding


A support fund has been set up for farmers affected by flooding in Inishowen.
The announcement was made by Michael Creed TD Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine.
The support will apply to losses of livestock, the loss of conserved fodder and as a contribution towards the clean-up cost of agricultural lands, including repair to fences damaged by debris washed up by the floods.
Funding measures will range from €250 to €15,000.
A final overall amount won’t be available until all data from the current surveys are completed.
Government Chief Whip Minister Joe McHugh has been giving more details:

Donegal Chair of the Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Organisation Henry O’Donnell has been reacting to the news:

The measure builds on the availability of support through the Animal Welfare Helpline and through the advisory assistance made available by Teagasc in the region.
Application forms will be available shortly with an early closing date proposed to allow prompt processing of requests for financial support.
The detailed provisions of the measure, including eligibility criteria will be set out in the application form which will be available on the Department’s website.
In the case of livestock losses including cattle, sheep or pigs; these must have been formally notified to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Regional Veterinary Office, Raphoe.
Eligible fodder losses are those lost during the floods and are limited solely to conserved hay or silage.
Agricultural land damaged by the deposition of debris or other river spoil will be eligible for a contribution towards the clear up costs for debris or other deposition so that the land can be returned to productive use.
Support will also be available for the repair of fencing damaged by floodwater.
Only losses not covered by insurance will be eligible for consideration.


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