Cliff Richard Sex abuse allegation ‘completely false’


Cliff Richard has vowed to clear his name over allegations of sexual abuse.
The 73-year-old pop legend is being investigated over an historic allegation he sexually assaulted a schoolboy at a religious rally held in Sheffield, England, by evangelist Billy Graham in 1985.
His home in Berkshire was raided by police in August and Cliff had to return from a holiday in Portugal to be quizzed by detectives.
The ‘Young Ones’ singer has denied the allegation throughout the investigation and he has now taken to his Facebook page to thank fans for their support and says he is determined to prove his innocence.
The post on the social networking site reads: “Hi everyone, this is just a brief message to thank all of you who have shown support, including those in the Press.
“I wanted to let you know that I’m doing ok and it goes without saying that I fully intend to clear my name.
“Just to be absolutely clear, the allegation is completely false and I will continue to cooperate with the police should they wish to speak to me again.
“Once again … many thanks! (sic)”
Cliff is yet to be formally arrested or charged for the offence.
Senior officer Chief Constable David Crompton has also apologised for allowing the BBC to film the raid on the star’s property, something which the police claim happened because the corporation put them in a “difficult position” over the search.
Meanwhile, the BBC claims they would have pulled the footage if asked to do so by the force.

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