Top Gear crew ‘barred in Argentina’

Top Gear
A Top Gear crew has left an Argentine province after being denied permission to film by local authorities who said one of its cars had a licence plate which alluded to the Falklands War.
Juan Manuel Romano, secretary of social development for Ushuaia in southern Tierra del Fuego province, said the BBC motoring programme’s crew and its host Jeremy Clarkson had been escorted to the airport.
“They have taken the decision to leave,” he said.
The Top Gear crew was in Argentina to film using three cars, a Porsche, a Lotus and a Mustang.
Local officials said the Porsche had the license plate “H982 FKL,” which they felt was a reference to the 1982 war between the countries over the Falkland Islands.
A group of former Argentine combatants in the war had held a protest in front of the hotel where Jeremy and the BBC crew were staying.
Top Gear bosses have said the plate was merely a coincidence and was not chosen deliberately.
In 2011, the BBC apologised to Mexico over remarks made on Top Gear that characterised Mexicans as lazy and oafish.
This year, the programme has had a number of difficulties with one edition found to be in breach of Ofcom’s broadcasting code for the use of a racially offensive term during a two-part special filmed in Burma, following a complaint from a viewer.
And presenter Jeremy apologised after un-broadcast footage emerged in which he appeared to use the n-word, although he denied he actually uttered the word.


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