Lydon: I have no interest in revisiting my past with musical

Isle of Wight Festival 2008 - Day 2

John Lydon has “no interest” in writing a Sex Pistols musical.
The punk legend – who has recently released an autobiography, ‘Anger is an energy’ – wouldn’t want to rework the group’s famous songs for a stage show because he doesn’t want to “revist the past”.
Asked if he’d be interested in a Sex Pistols musical, he said: “No. It would involve rewriting the songs and I have no interest in revisiting my past. I don’t want a bunch of strangers gazing at my navel.”
John – who was known as Johnny Rotten in the ‘Anarchy of the UK’ group – felt he completely changed music in the 1970s with his “assault on mediocrity”.
He told BBC Radio 4’s John Humphreys: “I changed the face of pop music at that time.
“I was offering a more honest approach, a more sensible message. It was a direct assault on mediocrity.”
However, when the presenter noted he hadn’t been able to “change society”, he insisted that was never his intention.
He said: “No, you silly sausage, I never, ever claimed that I wanted to change society. Society can remain the same ad infinitum if it wishes; it’s of no interest to me. I just don’t wish to to toe the line like the rest of you. I mean you no harm, so long as you don’t try to step into my space.”


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