‘Daybreak’ staff were ‘depressed’ 10 minutes after Chiles joined


It only took ten minutes for staff to feel “depressed” when Adrian Chiles joined ‘Daybreak’.
An ITV executive has described the 47-year-old television presenter – who was forced to leave ‘Daybreak’ in 2011 after only 13 months due to poor viewing figures – as too “grumpy” to present early morning TV.
The unnamed ITV executive said: “There was so much excitement because they had been so successful on ‘The One Show’. But it took about 10 minutes on day one for optimism to give way to depression.
“Despite the critics he appeared to dig deep and gave his all to make it a success. But humour is hard to find waking up at 4am to do live telly, especially given his persona was like your slightly grumpy mate in the pub.”
The executive told the Guardian newspaper: “It was a bad career move.”
Adrian revealed earlier this year that the “stressful” experience of ‘Daybreak’ still gives him sleepless nights.
He said: “I haven’t slept properly since [Daybreak]. It was a stressful time as you can imagine.”
Of the ‘Good Morning Britain’ team, he said: “I am not enjoying watching them suffer now. They have just got to stick to it and they will be fine; it will come round, it just needs to be given time and it is difficult in the current climate.”

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