1. Police in Peru found cocaine, hidden in 34 packets of food products in luggage as two women tried to board a plane bound for Madrid

  2. Michaella McCollum Connolly who had been working in Ibiza and was reported missing last week has been arrested in Peru on drugs charges

  3. Foster said "Could someone explain the difference between terrorists who murdered in Castlederg and the terrorists who murdered in Omagh?

  4. by a car bomb, yet a few miles down the road in Castlederg the same SF MLAs will hold a parade to honour Provisional IRA car bombers,"...

  5. DUP MLA Arlene Foster "On Sunday, Sinn Fein in Omagh will stand against the actions of terrorists where 29 innocent people were murdered...

  6. One of the organisers of the parade has said there will be no trouble at Sundays commemoration, guarantees from protesters on this as well

  7. SF have said Theresa Villiers should not take sides in the Castlederg parade debate. While they've said Sunday parade will go ahead at 3pm

  8. But also says organisers should show greater sensitivity to the wider pubic and not just Republican activists involved

  9. has said those calling for a Republican commemoration in Castlederg to be banned are adding fuel to the fire

  10. Theresa Villers says Castlederg parade is damaging to community relations. Does anyone know if she has she been to the town?

  11. After meeting Derg Valley victims group, Ms Villiers says even at late stage she calls "upon the organisers to think again and call it off"

  12. NI Secretary Theresa Villiers calls republican Castlederg parade "deeply insensitive" but says legal criteria for ban not satisfied

  13. Sinn Fein is down two points on 15%, while support for Independents is up slightly to 23%.

  14. A new opinion poll shows support for Fine Gael has risen slightly since the new abortion laws were passed, FF at 20%, while Labour are 11%

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