Playoff needed to decide All-County League Division 3

A three-way playoff will be needed to decide the champions and the two sides that will be promoted in Division 3 of the All-County League following advice received by the CCC from the Rules Advisory Committee.
Killybegs, Naomh Bríd and Buncrana all finished level on points following Naomh Bríd’s win over Burt on Saturday evening last when they moved into second place, ahead of Buncrana.
The CCC had met on 3rd September and decided that in the event of a three way tie, score difference would apply. Buncrana queried this decision and the County Secretary sought clarification on the Rule and Regulation used.
Killybegs had been awarded the league title, but that has subsequently been revoked.
The Full Statement from the CCC can be read below:
A Chairde,
On the 3rd of September, the CCC met in relation to the completion of the Al County Leagues.
In Division 3 the CCC agreed that in the event of a three way tie then we would apply the score difference in the games between the three teams as per our Championship Regulation 23. Killybegs were declared winners of the Division 3.
Buncrana queried our decision and asked the County Secretary to get clarification from the Rules Advisory Committee on the Rule and Regulation used.
We have now received the following advice from Rules Advisory,
The Rules Advisory Committee discussed your query at its meeting on Wednesday. The Committee is of the view that, that there is no link between Donegal’s Championship Regulation (23) and League Regulation (29) i.e. the League Regulations should be considered as stand alone. Therefore, where more than three teams are equal on points the outcome is decided, in accordance with Rule 6.21 , firstly by scoring difference, and if necessary, highest total score for etc…
As the advice is that we do have our Regulations linked, then we cannot apply the exception we have in our Championship Regulation to our League Competitions. So we have to apply the Regulations outlined in Rule 6.21 for ties in our Leagues.
The CCC convened a meeting today as the games involving the three clubs are now completed and there is a three way tie at the top of the league. A vote was proposed and seconded to rescind the decision of the 3rd of September and adopt the advice received and Apply Rule 6.21 without exception. The vote to rescind was passed by a majority of 6 for and 0 Against which is a 100% majority.
As Na Rossa failed to field against all three teams then per Rule 6.21, we have decided that we will have to play play-offs to decide the positions of the three teams in the League.
The three teams will play each other once in neutral venues, commencing on the Sunday the 11th of November. The games will be as follows;
11/11/2018 Na Cealla Beaga V Naomh Brid
18/11/2018 Na Cealla Beaga V Bun Cranncha
25/11/2018 Naomh Brid V Bun Cranncha
This decision was taken pursuant to the following Rules and Regulations;
Donegal County Regulation 29;
Rule 6.38 of the Official Guide, 2018.
Rule 6.21 of the Official Guide, 2018
Rule 4.3 of the Official Guide 2018.