Budget 2010 – at a glance

Public Service Pay
Cuts of more than €1bn in the public service pay bill.
There will be pay cuts across the public sector from January 1, starting at 5% for those earning below €30,000 a year.
There will be cuts of 7.5% on the next €40,000 and 10% on the next €55,000 after that.
Public servants on higher pay bands will have pay cuts of 8% for those between €125,000 and €165,000.
Cuts will be 12% from €165,000 to €200,000 and 15% for those above €200,000. The Taoiseach’s pay will drop by 20%.
Tourism budget next year to be increased to increase tourist numbers by 3% – includes threefold increase to 22 million in investment in visitor attractions.
Senior citizens abroad to be offered vouchers for discount rail travel here to atrract them as tourists
130 million to be provided for energy efficiency measures including retrofitting of homes – potential to create 5,000 jobs next year alone
12.5% rate of Corporation Tax is “here to stay”
VRT releifs of up to 2,500 per plug-in hybrid cars to be extended for further two years to Dec 2012
New scrappage scheme from January 1st next for full year – 1,500 for 10 year or older car traded in for environmentally friendly car
reduces VAT to 21 percent, reversing half percent rise of October 2008
NO changes to price of tobacco because of “massive cigarette smuggling”
Excise duty cut to allow 12 cent drop per pint of beer or cider
14 cent off half glass of spirits
60 cent cut per bottle of wine
Any homeowner in negative equity whose mortgage interest relief is due to expire in 2010 will continue to receive for a further seven years to 2017
Mortgage Interest Relief to be ABOLISHED completely by 2017. Guaranteed relief at current levels for anyone who takes out a loan on a house before July 1 2011.
Medical cards
New 50 cent charge per item on prescriptions for those on medical cards
Social Welfare
New applicants for job seekers and supplementary welfare for those aged 20 and 21 will see benefit cut to 100 euro per week and 150 per week for those aged between 22 and 24
Government intends to introduce a National Solidarity Bond aimed at small investors – allowing people to lend money to the country – full details in New Year
136 million to be provided for an additional 26,000 training places and supports, bringing total places available for unemployed to 180,000
Reform of tax system in 2011 to just two charges on income
– single contribution replacing PRSI/Health Levy and Income Levy
– income tax will apply on progressive basis to those with higher incomes
Higher earners benefitting from reliefs will see rate rise from 20 to 30 percent in 2010 tax year
All Irish nationals – regardless of where they are domiciled – to be charged levy of 200,000 euro per year if worldwide income above 1 million
Carbon Tax of 15 euro per tonne being introduced
– will apply to petrol and diesel from midnight tonight
– to other fuels from next May
– vouched fuel allowance scheme for those dependent on those fuels


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