Fiscal Treaty set to be accepted nationally, but rejected in Donegal

We’ve passed the fiscal treaty referendum – with leading no campaigners conceding defeat.
An official result is still some hours away, but the treaty will be passed with a fifty-five to sixty-percent Yes vote.
The two Donegal constituencies look set to reject the treaty.
Final tallies in Donegal North East had 56% voting No, and 44% voting Yes, final tallies in Donegal South-West had 55% voting No, and 45% voting Yes.
So, for not the first time Donegal looks set to reject a treaty, but that the country will accept.
Senator Jimmy Harte says he believes it was once again a protest vote from the people of Donegal…

Meanwhile, Sinn Fein Cllr Jack Murray is of a completely different view to Senator Jimmy Harte.
Cllr Murray says Donegal has been worst affected by austerity, resulting in high emigration from the county.
And he says this is the reason Donegal voted No….


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