Kathryn Thomas speaks out on The Voice of Ireland vs Ireland’s Got Talent rumours

Kathryn Thomas has revealed that she thinks there is a place for both The Voice of Ireland and Ireland’s Got Talent on RTÉ.
The presenter has spoken out following reports this weekend that The Voice of Ireland could be axed and replaced by an Irish version of Britain’s Got Talent and aired in the popular Sunday evening slot on RTÉ One.
Looking at how The Voice UK and Britain’s Got Talent are set to both air on ITV next year, Kathryn believes RTÉ could do the same.
“They’re two different formats. We all love singing. We’re a country that has amazing artists. I don’t know if anybody else would agree with me but I would see there’s a place for two of them,” she told Independent.ie.
While rumours are rife that the show is set for the chop, Kathryn remains adamant that the show’s ratings tell a different story.
“I’ve heard that and I’m not going to comment bar I’ll say that The Voice is doing great ratings, again the guys are doing a fantastic job,” she said.
Speaking about the criticism surrounding the shows lack of producing successful singers, Kathryn revealed it does provide new artists with a platform to get their names out there.
“It hasn’t happened yet but I think in Ireland, Ireland is so small and I think what it does for artists is it provides a platform.
“You look at the likes of Conor Quinn, you look at Pat [Byrne], people like that who are still making their way in the music industry and now starting to make waves.
“I think that’s an important message to recognise it hasn’t made a pop star yet as such over here but what it does provide is a platform for artists to get their name and their face and their voice out there,” she added.
The Voice of Ireland live shows are set to start airing on March 17.


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