PSNI say that search for missing David Colhoun is still a live investigation

The PSNI says the disappearance of Lifford man David Colhoun is still very much a live investigation after searches in the Foyle yesterday failed to find any trace of the missing 22 year old.
Meanwhile, it’s emerged the Searching for the Missing group will return to Donegal on the weekend after next for further searches.
Mystery still surrounds the whereabouts of David Colhoun, who has not been seen since the early hours of Sunday, May 22.
He had been detained in Strabane for minor offences, but escaped from custody and in the direction of the River Mourne.
His family believe he entered the river and attempted to swim to the Lifford side, but never made it.
Sinde his disappearance, several searches have taken place in the river, the latest of them coordinated by the PSNI yesterday. Now, we understand that concern is growing among the family and friends of David Colhoun that the PSNI may be scaling back their efforts.
However, a police spokesperson has told Highland Radio News that it remains a live investigation.
The spokesperson said the Colhoun family is being kept up to date, and meetings with the family will continue.
Meanwhile, the Searching for the Missing group is due to return for further searches on the weekend beginning the 7th of October.