Rev David Latimer says media should stop focusing on McGuinnesses past

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A Presbyterian Minister in Derry has said the media in the Republic should stop concentrating on Martin McGuinnesses past, and instead should recognise the way he has changed for the better.
At a rally in Derry last night Martin McGuinness said his “heart goes out” to the relatives of British soldiers and RUC officers who died during the Troubles.
Mr McGuinness also said he “valued” his relationship with former DUP leader Ian Paisley and the current First Minister Peter Robinson.
The First Derry Presbyterian Minister, the Reverend David Latimer, who also addressed last nights rally, said the media should compare the Martin McGuinness of the past, to the Martin McGuinness of today…….

Meanwhile Rev Latimer has said the person responsible for the graffiti in the Fountain Estate in Derry yesterday doesn’t represent the view of the people from that area.
The graffiti appeared to refer to threaten the Reverend, and he said those responsible were sad………….


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