Inquest into Glenties carbon monoxide deaths enters second day

An inquest continues today into the deaths of two friends who died from carbon monoxide in Glenties two years ago.
84 year old Annie Gallagher and 79 year old Sarah McDyer  were found dead at Ms Gallagher’s home in Glenties, on September 24th, 2009.
Pathologist Dr Gerry O’Dowd, who carried out both autopsies, said the two neighbours and friends had died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Much of yesterday’s hearing dealt with allegations that the cooker, which allegedly emitted the gas fumes, was faulty.
A consultant who carried out tests at the scene said that in separate tests, involving turning on the cooker with the door opened and closed, he found the level of gas emitted exceeded EU standards.
A product recall had been issued for certain cookers the previous December on foot of concerns, with a barrister for the company saying they hasd made every effort to contact the owners of such cookers before the Donegal deaths.
However, the inquest heard that a year after the deaths 1,300 cookers had not been identified.
The inquest is continuing today.


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