Derryman jailed for throwing petrol bomb at two police landrovers

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A man who threw a petrol bomb at two police landrovers during rioting has been sentenced to eighteen months, with the last 12 months suspended.
John Patrick Duffy, of 30 Swilly Gardens, pleaded guilty to throwing the petrol bomb during public disturbance following the annual Apprentice Boys parade on August 13, last year.
Derry Crown Court heard that the 37-year-old was drunk when he threw the petrol bomb at police landrovers from the Fahan Street area.
He hit one of the police vehicles, setting both it and a second landrover on fire. Duffy went into one of the houses in Fahan Street and was arrested a short time later in the living room of the house.
It was revealed to the court at an earlier hearing that Duffy had apologised to residents, and Judge Piers Grant said while he had “no doubt these offences was born out of the consumption of alcohol” it was “not an excuse in cases like this.”
He said he accepted it was “out of character” for the 37-year-old, who had a clear criminal record, however he said a custodial sentence must be imposed to punish Duffy and deter others from throwing petrol bombs.


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