Newtowncunningham man could be jailed for driving into group in Derry

A man from Newtowncunningham in Donegal will be sentenced next week for driving into a group of people at a garage forecourt in what was described as a ‘moment of madness’.
32 year old Paul Mc Bride of Gortree, Newtowncunningham admitted three charges of attempting to cause GBH on April 5th.
The court heard that in the early hours of the morning McBride was sitting in a 7 seater vehicle outside the Abercorn Bar in Derry.
There was an altercation and McBride was pulled from his vehicle. He got back in and drove away.
Several minutes later a group of people were standing in a garage forecourt across the road when a 7 seater drove in, knocking three of them down.
The three were treated in hospital.
Initially McBride told police his car was hijacked but several weeks later he contacted police to say he had driven into the group.
He said he had done it in a moment of madness.
Defence counsel Gordon Talbot said his client accepted that a custodial sentence was possible.
Judge Piers Grant said he would sentence him on Tuesday.


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