PSNI seize 125 items of alcohol in Derry and Strabane

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Police in Derry and Tyrone seized approximately 125 items of alcohol following a Snapper Operation in the Foyle and Strabane areas last weekend.
Seven people willl be reported to Derry City Council in relation to breaches of the on-street drinking bye laws. One man was arrested for obstruction and resisting arrest.
Police say Operation Snapper was carried out on Friday and Saturday last, with 125 items seized including beer, spirits, alcopops and 35 litres of cider.
Police say they will continue to mount operations to ensure young people are not getting mixed up with alcohol, and will seize it if they are found drinking on the streets or public places.
Buses coming in to the city from Donegal have been targeted in these operations, with police again urging parents to talk to their children about the real dangers associated with alcohol.
Police say any young person found in posession of alcohol will be reported, and anyone found selling alcohol to young people or buying it for them, will be prosecuted.
The PSNI are warning that more such operations will take place over the summer.


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