Dry Arch Excol Filling Station gives out half price fuel

Anyone wondering why there were tailbacks from the Dry Arch Roundabout to the Port Bridge yesterday, a local petrol station was giving out half price petrol.
The Dry Arch Excol Filling Station in Bonagee, opposite the Clanree Hotel sold off its petrol and diesel for half price before it closed its doors yesterday.
Excol Service Station operator Robert Spence gave customers half-price unleaded petrol as a thank you for years of service.
The businessman had operated the garage at the Dry Arch Roundabout in Letterkenny, on behalf of the receiver Martin Ferris since 2010.
However, the business was put to auction recently and Mr. Spence was unsuccessful in his bid for the property.
Mr. Spence had to vacate the premises yesterday, and he decided to sell his remaining fuel and stock for half price.
As the word spread at around midday yesterday, a line of cars soon filled the forecourt, and by around 1 o clock there was a mile long queue from the station to the Port Bridge.
As well as the half price fuel, the station shop also held a sale with all stock also going for half price.


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