Derry charges against Marian Price re-instated

Charges against four people including former hunger striker Marian Price in relation to a dissident march in Derry on April 25 last year have been re-instated by the Public Prosecution Service
They are due to appear at a preliminary enquiry at Derry Magistrate’s Court on September 27.
The four face charges in connection with managing and taking part in a meeting in support of a proscribed organisation on April 25 last year.
Ms Price who is 57 appeared in court under her married name of Marian McGlinchey
At the time of her first appearance on this charge in May 2011 it was announced that the Secretary of State had revoked Ms McGlinchey’s licence and she has remained in custody ever since.
In May this year District Judge Barney McElholm said he would not return the four for trial as there was no papers in front of him and the charges were not proceeded with.
The three Derry men were free to go but Ms McGlinchey continued to be held in custody due to the fact that her licence had been revoked.
There have been increasing concerns about the health of Ms McGlinchey and the matter has been raised by various political parties including Sinn Fein and the SDLP.
However, the decision by the PPS means that the four will now face the original charges again and a preliminary enquiry is scheduled for September 27.
It is not known if Ms McGlinchey will be judged fit to actually appear in court on that date.
At the hearing in May a barrister told the court that his client was ‘severely depressed’ and may not be fit to appear in court for some time.


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