Donegal judge concerned over injuries suffered by women in fight

A judge expressed concern yesterday over head scars on two young women after they were accused of fighting and causing harm to each other in Donegal Town.
Judge Kevin Kilrane was looking at photographs of Shaniene Bushe and Sarah Timoney when he commented about cuts which required six stitches in one and five in the other.
Only one woman, 19-year-old Shaniene Bushe, of Letterbarrow, Mountcharles, was in court.
The judge was told that the other, 21-year-old Sarah Timoney, of The Mullins, Donegal town, emigrated to Perth, Australia, a few days ago.
Supt Leo McGinn said the two women were in a dispute at Pier 1 licensed premises in Quay Street, Donegal, on January 1. Each received head injuries which required stitches.
Judge Kilrane commented, after examining photographs, that the injuries were very serious and would leave “a nasty scar” on the two ladies.
The judge said Timoney was served a summons on a serious matter which could result in a prison sentence and had gone to Australia.
He added that both women faced serious criminal charges.
No plea was taken by the court on charges that each assaulted the other and caused harm and the judge adjourned the hearing until November 26 with an instruction to the prosecution that Timoney or her family be notified of the new date.


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