Census shows 10% of Donegal people live alone

The latest information from the Census show that almost 10% of County Donegal’s population lives alone.
The Central Statistics Office today released the latest publication in its series of Census 2011 results.
Today’s publication, “Profile   5  Households  and  Families  –  Living Arrangements  in Ireland”, examines living arrangements in Ireland in terms of households and families.
On Census night There were 41,354 families in the county -the share of the County Donegal population aged 15 and over who were single was 38.4% compared to 41.7% for the State as a whole.
50.2% of the county’s population was married.
The proportion of the population aged 15 years and over who were divorced was 2.4%, in line with the national figure, while 5.8% were widowed in the county.
Census 2011 showed that a total of 1,304 people in the county were re-married following dissolution of their marriage.
Overall men were much more likely to be re-married with 35.8% of ever-divorced men re-married compared with only 26.1% of women.
There were 14,890 people living alone, representing 9.4% of all people living in private households in the county at the time of the census.
Of those aged 65 and over and living alone, the majority was women at almost 60%


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