LGH rated “very good” in latest HSE index, but budget overrun is cause for concern

Letterkenny General Hospital has been rated as “very good” in the latest performance index published by the HSE.
The statistics, relating to July of this year, give the hospital a very good rating in areas of access and integration, but only an average rating in the area of resources.
The hospital’s spending was singled out as in need of attention.
According to the figures, Letterkenny General Hospital had an overspend of almost 6.6 million euro in the year to the end of July, that’s a budget overshoot of 11.9%. The hospital was keeping to it’s staff ceiling, but the level of absenteeism is highlighted as a problem in need of attention, with the percentage of staff hours lost well above the 3.5% target.
The hospital got a very good access rating. In the area of waiting times for elective procedures, 1378 people were treated, all bar 118 of them within 6 months. However, there were some concerns about the waiting times for children. Consultant to hospital waiting lists for diagnostics were rated very good, but GP to hospital waiting times were criticised as unsatisfactory, particularly due to delays in ultrasound appointments.
All urgent colonoscopies were within target, as were Emergency Department waiting times.
In the area of integration, another Very Good rating was achieved. Day Procedure targets were met, with more than 75% of cases being handled as day cases. However, there was criticism of the failure to have elective patients admitted on the day of their procedure, with no discipline coming close to the target.
The hospital was praised for the appropriateness of its admissions, and targets for the number of patients with discharge plans and dates were also comfortably met.


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