Council invites public to input into it’s Corporate Plan for 2012-2014

Donegal County Council is inviting the public and interested parties to have an input in to its Corporate Plan for 2012 to 2014 which is currently being prepared.
A Corporate Plan is a Statement of Strategy that will provide strategic direction to the work of the
Council over the lifetime of the elected council.
In developing its Corporate Plan the local authority is provided with an opportunity to reflect on the challenges that it faces in terms of providing the best possible services and supports for the local communities.
Donegal County Councils Corporate Plan will take on board crosscutting issues such as Social Inclusion, Sustainable Development, local Statutory Plans and Strategies and collaborative inter-agency plans through the County Development Board.
The Corporate plan will set out:
• Mission Statement
• Core Values
• Operating Environment
• Strategic Objectives and supporting strategies
• Internal Capacity
• Implementation and Monitoring
The council is asking – What are the key issues and challenges facing you and how do you think Donegal County Council can address these or support you in addressing these issues and challenges?
What do you think should be the key strategic priority areas for Donegal County Council over the next two years?
Details on how you can make your views known are available in the news section at or at


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