Man charged with 1993 RUC constable murder appears in Court in Derry

A 39-year-old man charged in connection with the shooting dead of an RUC constable in 1993 in Derry has been released on bail.
Christopher O’Kane of 107 Kular Court in Derry faced a total of five charges.
O’Kane was charged with assisting offenders in the killing of Constable Michael Ferguson between January 23 and 25 1993.
He also faced two attempted murder charges of soldiers on December 14 1993, another attempted murder of a soldier in May 2 1994 and membership of the Provisional IRA between January 1 1991 and December 31 1996.
The PPS had no objections to bail but a detective constable told the court that police were concerned that O’Kane would not stay at the address being put forward for him.
The detective agreed with the defence solicitor Ciaran Shields that it was O’Kane who initiated contact with the police and on the day he was arrested had known police were coming for him and waited for them.
As regard the threat Mr. Shields said the only threat O’Kane had received was from loyalist prisoners in Maghaberry Prison.
District Judge Barney McElholm said he was granting bail.


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