Derry man claims daily harassment by the security services

A Derry man who claimed he was approached by MI5 while on honeymoon in Alicante in Spain has said he is being subjected to ‘almost daily harassment’ by the security services.
The man who asked not to be named said he was even approached while on holiday in London at the end of December.
The Derry man claims he was arrested on December 6th after a rocket was found in a car in Creggan, but released two days later.
The man claims he was arrested on the night that rocket was found but was nowhere near it, and when released, it took he and his solicitor a fortnight to get his car back.
When he went to collect the car at Maydown, he claims he was told to wait while a detective got the keys.
While he was waiting, he says, the same two men who had approached him in Alicante approached him again and handed him an envelope containing his car keys and a large sum of money.
When he told them he was not interested, they became more threatening telling him he was not out of the woods yet and they were still waiting on results. They then said to have a good holiday in London.
Since then, the man claims he has been followed on an almost daily basis, including during his holiday in London where he was followed by several men with earpieces in.
The man’s solicitor Ciaran Shields of Madden and Finucane has said he is being subjected to a sustained and unjustified campaign of harassment.


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