Woman tells rape trial she asked to withdraw complaint but found the strength to continue

Central Criminal Court
A woman has denied making an allegation of rape because she was being mocked by her friends, a trial has heard.
The woman was allegedly raped by an acquaintance in a back alley during a night out. She needed to go to hospital later that night with severe bleeding, the court heard.
The accused has pleaded not guilty at the Central Criminal Court to rape of the then 18 year old in the alleyway of a Donegal town in July 2012.
The trial has heard that after the alleged rape the woman rejoined her friends outside a fast food outlet and they noticed a blood stain on her dress.
Two of her male friends asked her what the stain was.
During cross-examination yesterday Shane Costelloe SC, defending, put it to the now 22 year old woman that she made up a story about being raped because she was embarrassed they were asking her about the stain.
Mr Costelloe went on to suggest that the woman wanted to later recant her statement because it wasn’t true.
The woman replied that she asked to withdraw her statement initially because she was “terrified” about how formal the situation was becoming and because she “just wanted to forget all about it”.
She said she later realised how serious it was and found the strength to continue with her complaint.
“If I didn’t do it, what would happen when it happened to somebody else.” she said.
She told prosecuting counsel Pauline Walley SC that she had liked the accused before the incident but that he changed “just before it happened.”
“He was like an animal just for them few minutes and then he changed back to being normal again.”
She said he didn’t care about her saying no, adding “he wanted it so it was going to happen.”
The trial continues before a jury of seven men and five women.


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