Former Derry DUP Councillor admits 23 counts of fraud

A former DUP councillor in Derry has pleaded guilty to 23 charges of fraud by false representation.
Derry Magistrates Court was told Bill Irwin had home heating oil delivered to his home, but invoiced to the local DUP office where he worked.
55 year old William Irwin from Duncastle Road in Newbuildings appeared at the Derry Magistrate’s Court yesterday, where he admitted all 23 charges.
The charges date from March 2009 until February 2014.
A prosecuting solicitor said that the charges related to home heating oil valued at almost £9,000 being delivered to Irwin’s home over that period, but invoiced to the local DUP office and thus being paid for from the public purse of the Northern Ireland Assembly.
A defence barrister said his client was admitted all the charges and District Judge Barney McElholm ordered the preparation of a pre-sentence report.
Irwin will be sentenced on April 1.
Irwin was a DUP councillor on Derry City Council from 1993 until 1997 and subsequently worked in the DUP office in the city.


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