All Saints’ tears over new song

All Saints
All Saints cried when they heard Shaznay Lewis’ song for Nicole Appleton.
The group’s comeback single ‘One Strike’ was inspired by the breakdown of Nicole’s marriage to Liam Gallagher, when she found out he had fathered a child with another woman, and she and the other group members – Natalie Appleton and Melanie Blatt -were overcome with emotion when Shaznay first played it for them.
Shaznay said: “I didn’t even tell the girls what I’d written it about, initially. I assumed that, when they listened to it, they’d guess what it was about but they didn’t.
“It was only when we had a conversation afterwards that I told them and I remember their shock.
“They were like, ‘Oh my God.’ That’s when they were tears.”
Though it is such a personal song, Shaznay believes it has universal appeal because Nicole’s situation could happen to anyone.
She said: “It’s not done in a bad way or a nasty way. It’s just Nicole’s story. It felt quite therapeutic to write it for my friend.
“She’s not the first person this has happened to and she won’t be the last. These stories affect everyone.”
And despite the sad subject matter, Shaznay felt it was important for the song to be “uplifting”.
She added to Grazia magazine: “Although the song is said, I wanted to make the chorus uplifting and optimistic.
“Sometimes, it’s not until you’re out of a situation that you realise things are for the better.”


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