Donegal man pleads guilty to animal welfare offences.

A Donegal man has pleaded guilty to animal welfare offences.
Joe McBride with an address at Murleog, Downings was fined €200 and ordered to pay €152 costs to the ISPCA after admitting an offence under the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 at Letterkenny District Court today.
The case arose from visits made to Mr McBride’s home by the ISPCA on 17th and 18th December 2014 when ISPCA Inspector Kevin McGinley saw a male black and white Collie dog that was extremely lame.
The dog was seized by Inspector McGinley and taken for veterinary assessment. X-rays revealed that, in addition to being underweight, the Collie had a fracture to its left leg, a dislocated right hip and displacement on the left side of the pelvis.
It was euthanized on humane grounds based on veterinary advice as there was no hope of it ever achieving pain-free function of its hind legs.
The court heard that Mr McBride and his daughter had brought the dog to a vet on 1st December after it had been run over by a van and trailer.
Recommendations by the vet for further veterinary assessment and probable surgery or euthanasia were not accepted by Mr McBride.
An alternative option of conservative therapy was agreed whereby the dog was to be kept extremely confined and on pain killers for a number of weeks. However, the dog was never brought back to the vet and was wandering loose when Inspector McGinley called to McBride’s property on both the 17th and 18th of December.
Joe McBride was previously ordered to pay €250 to the ISPCA in 2012 after he admitted allowing unburied carcasses to remain on his land.


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