Dolly Parton to embark on tour

Dolly Parton is set to embark on her biggest tour in 25 years.
The ‘9 to 5’ hitmaker will visit over 60 cities across the United States and Canada in support of her brand new double-disc release, ‘Pure & Simple With Dolly’s Biggest Hits’.
She said: “We’re so excited to get out there and see the fans again. I’m really looking forward to singing songs the fans have not heard in a while, as well as the hits, while debuting a few new ones off ‘Pure & Simple.'”
‘Pure & Simple with Dolly’s Biggest Hits’ will feature new material as well as some of Dolly’s well known tracks.
Meanwhile, the 70-year-old singer previously revealed she will “never retire” because she still loves her job.
She said: “The only thing that would stop me is if I just couldn’t do it for health reasons, but as long as I can do it I want to do it. I’ll never retire. I wouldn’t know what to do. I’m excited every day. I still love it.”
But that doesn’t mean Dolly doesn’t like to have a break and regularly enjoys some time away with her husband Carl Dean in their motor home.
She added: “We like to get out in our little RV and just be simple. I love to read, I love to cook, I love to be with my husband. I put on my little comfy clothes – I call them my baby clothes – and we just relax.
“He loves to go on vacation or on little trips, but he doesn’t want to be gone a long time. He wants to be mostly around the house. He knows I’m just the opposite. I can’t go enough places. I can’t do enough things. He loves that.”


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