Derry man on Syria related charges cleared on three of six charges

A Derry man on trial in connection with the civil war in Syria has been cleared of three of the six charges he faced.
28 year old Eamonn Bradley, whose address was given as Benview Estate in Coshquin in Derry was on trial accused of six charges in relation to the conflict in Syria.
Bradley was accused of taking part in a terrorist training camp, receiving weapons training and explosive training on dates between March and October 2014.
At yesterday’s sitting of Derry Crown Court a jury decided after almost five hours of deliberation that he was not guilty of three charges in relation to possessing explosives on dates between March and October 2014.
They jury told Judge Brian Sherrard that they were unable to agree a verdict on the other three charges relating to possessing weapons and taking part in a terrorist training camp.
The jury was discharged and the case will be mentioned again on March 3 to ascertain the attitude of the PPS to the remaining charges.

During the trial the jury had heard evidence that Bradley, originally from Derry’s Creggan Estate, had converted to Islam several years ago and had allegedly gone to Syria after seeing news reports of the suffering of the people there.
The prosecution claimed that Bradley had implicated himself by his own admissions but the defence had said there was no evidence whatsoever to show that Bradley had ever set foot in Syria.
The jury had been sent out on Wednesday afternoon to consider their verdict and continued their deliberations yesterday morning before bringing in unanimous verdicts of not guilty on the three charges of possessing explosive shortly after 3 p.m.
After deliberating for another period the jury was asked was there any chance they could reach a verdict on which a majority of them could agree and they said there wasn’t so the judge discharged them.

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