Donegal islands vote in referendum on Eighth Amendment


The first votes in the abortion referendum will be cast today as people on islands off Donegal and the west coast get their say.
In the northwest, 743 residents are registered to vote on five islands off Donegal.
It’s the last day of the campaign ahead of most of the country going to the polls tomorrow.
In an historic vote the electorate will decide tomorrow whether or not to repeal the 8th amendment and allow the Oireachtas to legislate for abortion
After a long campaign radio silence will descend at 2pm today as a broadcast moratorium comes into effect.
Last minute efforts by both sides will be made across the country ahead of the polls opening tomorrow morning.
Some of those on the islands will get to cast their votes today.
The Department of Housing and Local Government have confirmed almost 120,000 people have been added to the supplementary register in advance of the vote, with more than 3 million people eligible to cast their ballot.


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