Major non-compliance found at Falcarragh Community Hospital


Falcarragh Community Hospital has come in for criticism from the Health Watchdog.
HIQA found issues of major non-compliance at the hospital whereby some actions required from the previous inspection were not satisfactorily implemented.
The latest inspection was carried out in July with the details published this week.
The inspector found that the design and layout of the centre was not suitable for its stated purpose and did not meet the needs of the residents living with dementia in a number of areas including; the size and layout of the multi-occupancy bedrooms and the current condition of the palliative care suite.
These were outstanding actions from previous inspections.
In addition the inspectors observed that at lunch time the dining room was shared with persons attending the day centre which adjoins the designated centre.
This created a noisy and crowded environment for those residents who needed a quiet unhurried space in which to enjoy their meals. Furthermore the dining room was a thoroughfare used by visitors and staff to access two areas of the building.
Although the person in charge had implemented a no access policy to encourage staff and visitors to use an alternative route the inspectors observed that the policy was not adhered to.
Better use could be made of colour and points of interest in order to help residents to navigate their surroundings and maintain their independence.
The garden was untidy and not well maintained and required immediate improvements in order to be accessible for residents in the current warm weather.
In addition further improvements were required to provide a safe surface/pathway in the garden. Items of interest such as a sensory area would provide a safe and pleasant space for those residents living with dementia who would enjoy and benefit from access to outdoor space.
In its response, the centre is scheduled to undergo a program of refurbishment work beginning in May of next year and due for completion in September 2021 to ensure regulatory compliance.
The layout of the centre and multi occupancy rooms will be addressed during the building works.
Staff have been educated about promoting an environment which is conducive to creating a quiet and enjoyable dining experience for all residents, including sitting down when assisting residents with their meals.
The garden has been tidied up and the space is more open. Benches have been painted bright colours. A water feature is in place. A sensory area is being created. The existing rubberised Tarmac will be expertly cleaned and damage repaired.
The full report can be viewed here:


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