Covid rate drops in all local electoral areas in Donegal


There’s been a significant reduction in the 14 day Covid incidence rate across all Local Electoral areas of Donegal.
Most Local Electoral Area’s in the county are now below the national average of 721.1 cases per 100,000 people.
Figures covering the 14 days up to January 25th show the rate of infection in North Inishowen is down almost a third from 1055.3 cases per 100,000 to 324.3 with 55 cases confirmed.
96 cases have been recorded in South Inishowen, down from 200 and the incidence rate has halved to 429.2.
In Milford, the rate of infection has dropped to 944 with 130 confirmed cases.
The rate of infection in Letterkenny where 243 cases have been reported currently stands at 815.7, down from 1,574.3.
The Lifford/ Stranorlar area has the 24th highest incidence rate across the island at 1089.3, it’s down 28% from the previous 14 days. 282 cases have been confirmed there.
The trend continues, in Glenties, the incidence rate has decreased to 589.5 with the number of reported cases decreasing also to 141.
The rate of infection in Donegal is 713.4, down from 1215.5 per 100k with 189 confirmed cases.


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