Further talks with stakeholders to take place on Leaving Cert

Two distinct possibilities for how this year’s Leaving Cert will be run have been identified by the Department of Education.
Minister Norma Foley has called on education stakeholders to take part in more discussions on what the exams will look like.
Weeks of talks on this year’s Leaving Cert has led to an invitation to further talks.
The Department of Education says stakeholders have been invited to consider two possibilities.
One is full written exams with modifications to the papers to provide further choice.
The other is an alternative option that could include calculated grades, but would also take more account of things like practicals and orals.
The alternative option may also include some element of written exams, with details yet to be worked out.
The Department is also putting a priority on ensuring whatever option they go with, students can get timely access to third level next year.


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