Former vet arrested in Donegal appears in court on bestiality charges

A man wanted in the UK on multiple bestiality charges has appeared before the High Court in Dublin after being arrested in Co Donegal yesterday.
Oliver Lown, a former vet with an address at Main Road, Kesgrave in Suffolk, England, is also accused of possessing extreme pornographic material.
Sergeant Jim Kirwan from the Garda Extradition Unit gave evidence of calling to an address near Letterkenny, Co Donegal just after 6.30pm yesterday evening.
He identified the man who answered the door as the same man who was brought before the High Court this afternoon.
He told Mr J Paul Burns that he introduced himself as “Ollie Fraser Henderson” – an alias allegedly used by Oliver Lown, according to the warrant he had in his hand.
The court heard there was no dispute in relation to his identification.
Mr Lown is wanted in the UK for twelve offences relating to material found on a laptop in April 2019.
Among the charges he’s facing are allegations of sexual activity with live animals as well as possession of extreme pornography and indecent images of children.
There was no application for bail today.
Mr Lown was informed of his right to consent to the extradition if he so wishes. If he chooses to fight it, a full hearing will be heard later this month.


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