Gardai conduct crime prevention checkpoint on outskirts of Letterkenny



Gardai conducted a crime prevention checkpoint on the outskirts of Letterkenny last night.

Crime prevention patrols and checkpoints take place across the Donegal Division both during the day and night.

In a statement, Gardai say that unfortunately, incidents of burglaries are on the increase and they are encouraging everybody to report any suspicious activity/people/vehicles in their area without hesitation.

It is important for people to look out for each other within our communities especially now as the evenings are darker that bit earlier. Gardaí may be reached 24/7 at the following Garda Stations:
Letterkenny 074-9167100
Milford 074-9153060
Buncrana 074-9320540
Ballyshannon 071-9858530

It is thought that the chances of a break in are greatly reduced if it takes a burglar more than 3 minutes to gain entry to your home. Please take note of the following advice and discover ways that you can make your home more secure:
Home Security
• Whether at home or going out, turn on some lights.
• Lock all doors and windows.
• Use your house alarm.
• Store keys safely, away from windows and letterboxes.
• Record details of valuables and don’t keep large cash amounts at home.
Vacant Houses
• Ask a trusted neighbour to conduct frequent checks of the property and take note of anything suspicious.
• Ensure house alarm is set.
• Install timers on internal lights and motion detectors on external lights.
• Ensure the building doesn’t look neglected; cut grass, trim hedges etc.
• Ask a neighbour to collect your post.
• Inform your local Garda station when the premises will be vacant.
Social Media
• Don’t post status updates about your holidays while you’re still away.
• Don’t post pictures while you’re away.
• Respect other people’s privacy, don’t tag others while they are on holidays.
• Avoid posting upcoming travel plans.
• Consider turning off the location sharing setting on your phone.
• Don’t help the burglar; safely store away ladders, tools etc.
• Use quality locks on garden sheds, chain valuable property, tools, bikes etc. within.
• Property mark and photograph valuable possessions.
• Tidy up gardens and shrubbery, this improves visibility and creates the illusion of an occupied home.
• Consider defensive planting, e.g. thorny plants around the perimeter for extra security.
If you wish to read/print some home security advice for you or for someone you know please have a look at the following:


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