Inishowen MD councillors welcome An Crannla report

The Cathaoirleach of Inishowen Municipal District says people subject to the allegations of corruption within the council have been to ‘hell and back’ during the investigation.

Speaking at today’s special council meeting at the Aura Leisure Centre, Cllr Paul Canning apologised to staff and families who have had to endure the allegations of corruption.

A number of staff affected by the allegations from the Housing sector are in attendance at the meeting.

Cllr Canning says the council knew there was no corruption or systemic corruption within Donegal County Council, and says the councillors in Inishowen fully support the staff and families impacted by the allegations.

Cllr Jack Murray says the staff in Inishowen are totally innocent people and those were who named in the allegation should get full access to the council’s legal supports.

Cllr Rena Donaghy says the detailed report clearly confirms that there has been no corruption, systemic corruption or an attempt to conceal that the houses has mica.

She continued that all allegations over the last two years have been unfounded and time wasting, and called for an apology to be issued to those impacted the allegations.

Cllr Martin Farren said the report confirms what he already knew and also called for an apology for the affected staff and the county manager.

He said the allegations were false and it was outrageous that these allegations were made against these staff members. He also added that the taxpayer should be told exactly what this report cost them. He said Inishowen councillors were also dubbed as being corrupt and he hopes that this clears their names as there is not a corrupt bone in their body.

Cllr Terry Crossan says the inishowen councillors were singled out for being complacent in the allegations, and welcomed the report’s findings. He says there is no place in the chamber for such disgusting behaviour and called for an apology for those impacted.

Cllr Albert Doherty says the report comes with recommendations and added the council should look into the recommendations for the future.

He added that mica is an emotive issue but it does not justify the level of abuse that some people were subject too.

Mr Johnny McGuinness said staff have had to suffer terrible consequences and those who caused the awful experience onto them should be ashamed of themselves.

Cllr Nicholas Crossan said it was a good decision to buy these houses but the level of abuse sustained by those affected crossed a line.

He added that he is fed up of parrot like representations and said an opportunity should be given to the people who made the allegations to withdraw their remarks.


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