Police in Strabane warning of circulation of counterfeit notes

Police in Strabane are urging business owners and employees to be vigilant when handling money following recent reports of counterfeit notes being used in the area.

Sergeant Johnny Wilders says it’s important staff have the right tools and knowledge to detect fake notes in order to protect businesses.

He says there are a number of things to look out for, including, does the main printing feel raised, can you see a bold and clear watermark when the note is held up to the light, is the print clear, sharp and well defined? Some other things to look out for include checking if the colours are clear and distinct. Comparing a suspect note against a note which is known to be genuine is also a good way to check.

There are also a number of steps which can be taken to raise awareness among customers and also to deter criminals.

• Display clear warning signs stating: – ‘COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY CHECKS WILL BE CARRIED OUT’
• Ensure store staff are aware of how to examine notes.
• Have a policy for staff to follow on discovery of a counterfeit note. This should include the retention of the note and contacting the police, with a description of the person passing the suspect banknote.
Ensure there are good lighting conditions at cash points.


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