Two men found guilty in Omagh ‘clocked cars’ case

Two men in Omagh have been found guilty in relation to the advertising and sale of four ‘clocked cars’.

The case was heard before Newry Crown Court yesterday.

In a case brought by the Department for the Economy’s Trading Standards Service, Mr Samuel McConnell (28) of Learden Road, Gortin, director of SMC Cars & Commercials Ltd pleaded guilty to five charges under the Fraud Act 2006.

Mr McConnell was ordered to undertake 240 hours community service, to be completed within 12 months.

A compensation order was also awarded to the four victims in this case totalling £7,920, to be paid within 12 weeks.

In the same case, Mr Ryan McKittrick (24) of Bearney Road, Strabane, sales executive of SMC Cars & Commercials Ltd, also pleaded guilty to five charges under the Fraud Act 2006.

Mr McKittrick was ordered to undertake 240 hours community service, to be completed within 12 months.

The investigation arose following a consumer complaint alleging that SMC Cars & Commercials Ltd of Learden Road, Gortin was selling clocked vehicles.

Investigations by the TSS revealed that the Company had sold four vehicles to consumers with reduced mileages.

The vehicles uncovered in the investigation were:

  • a Peugeot 208, purchased by a consumer who saw the car advertised by the car dealer on Gumtree with 89,000 miles. Evidence obtained by TSS revealed that the vehicle had travelled at least 120,597 miles.
  • a Mercedes advertised on Gumtree with 92,000 miles when it had a previous recorded mileage of 120,178 miles. The vehicle was also a Category N insurance loss, information that was not disclosed to the consumer before the purchase was made.
  • a VW Scirocco, with a previous mileage of 172,980 miles reduced to 121,180 miles.
  • an Audi A3, which was sold with 125,000 miles having previously travelled 148,028 miles. The vehicle was returned to the car dealer on the basis of the mileage discrepancy; however, the car dealer then readvertised the vehicle on Gumtree with the incorrect mileage. The vehicle was also being offered for sale with a false service history.

Anyone who believes they have been sold goods which have been falsely described should contact the Consumer line on 0300 123 6262