Community bands together for Fahan Health Centre

The public meeting held in Fowlers Hall last night in a bid to see services restored at Fahan Health Centre has been hailed a success.

Over the past number of weeks, concerns have repeatedly been raised over the future of the health centre with claims that it has been ‘cleared out’.

The HSE however, remains adamant that there are no plans to close the facility.

Around 140 people attended, including four county councillors, one TD, carers and those who rely on the health centre for their care needs.

It seen the formation of a committee dedicated seeking a resolution and approximately 140 signatures on a petition to be handed over to the HSE.

Organisers Carmel Lynch and Jackie Molloy gave the opening remarks.

Carmel addressed the politicians present, telling them they have been voted in for a reason:

Jackie said that even signs that were placed at the health centre have been taken away:

The meeting heard from all of the politicians present.

Cllr Jack Murray told the crowd that he had never found himself in this position before, referring to the lack of clarity from the HSE after being told multiple time since March that the service remains in place and is not in danger of being lost.

He also urged the public to make their concerns known to the HSE, who said they had not received any complaints in a statement released last week.

Meanwhile, Deputy Padraig MacLochainn says that the HSE’s action is not reflective of statements that are being released:

After hearing from all public representatives, emotions got high as the floor was opened to the public.

The room heard from a young mother who had fallen ill following the birth of her third child. The woman remained in hospital while her baby was discharged. She said the public health nurse checked in regularly with her husband who had the new born, as well as two other children under the age of six to care for on this own.

Separately, a man who had cared for his mother for a number of years said he simply doesn’t know what he would have done with out the nurse.

Emma Gova, otherwise known as The Wee Donegal Mammy on social media spoke about the pressure she already faces as a family carer for her two children with disabilities:

We also spoke to attendees of the meeting to hear how the lack of services form the centre at present has impacted them:

Father Paddy Baker was then called upon to close the meeting out.

He said as a man who visits those who are poorly, he isn’t sure how they will go without:


Organisers Jackie and Carmel
Organisers Jackie and Carmel
Newly formed committee photographed with local politicians
Newly formed committee photographed with local politicians