Council meeting adjourned as gardai are called to investigate stolen phone allegation

The special meeting of Donegal County Council to discuss the BDO report on the purchase of Mica affected houses in Buncrana has been adjourned following an incident.

We understand Gardai have been called on foot of a claim that a phone belonging to Cllr Gary Doherty has been taken by another person and removed from the chamber. Before the meeting adjourned, Cllr Doherty told members the phone has confidential and private information and emails on it.

He asked what more must happen for action to be taken, telling the meeting he is at the end of his tether.

Earlier, the council was told that there is no evidence of corruption in the its purchase of five houses at An Crannla in Buncrana, some of which were found to have deleterious materials in their blocks.

Auditors BDO, who were commissioned by the council to carry out an independent review, presented their report last week, and it’s being discussed at a special meeting this afternoon.

Members welcomed the report’s findings, but Cllr Frank Brearty rejected them, repeated a number of allegations and called on the Chief Executive and a number of other officials to resign.


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