Deputy McDaid pulls support for government

Deputy Dr James Mc Daid has withdrawn his support for the Government today.

It follows an acrimonious meeting of Fianna Fail members in Letterkenny last evening which saw the Deputy and a number of his supporters stage a walk-out.

The party had met to appoint officers for the old Letterkenny / Milford electoral area however when the first two position went to Deputy Niall Blaney supporters Dr McDaid got up and left.

He was followed by Councillors Tadg Cullburt, Victor Fisher and Ciaran Brogan and today he informed the party whip by letter that he had withdrawn his support for government.

In his letter Dr McDaid said that as a result of a farcical inaugural meeting of the Letterkenny/Milford C.C. last night, he felt compelled to inform the party  he has withdrawn his support from Fianna Fail.

He re-iterated his calls for a General Election claiming that it would be in the interest of Fianna Fail and by extension in the interest of the country.

Outlining how intends to vote on Dail motions he said that in a voting situation on the negative side one can abstain, be absent or against.

He said he has exercised two of those options in the past and now feels free to exercise the third, if and when he deems it necessary.

Dr James McDaid concluded by saying that it was made clear to him last night that he is superfluous to the requirements of Fianna Fail and that he will not stand over the party being decimated either locally or nationally.

Meanwhile, the Taoiseach is refusing to answer any questions about Deputy McDaid’s decision:



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