Parents of dead infant suffer nightmare Dublin trip for PM

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It’s emerged that an Inishowen couple endured a nightmare minibus journey to Dublin with the body of their dead infant last month, because there are no qualified paediatric pathologists in Donegal.
The two week baby died in his sleep on the 25th of November, but because neither of the two pathologists in Donegal are qualified to carry out post mortem examinations on infants, and no alternative protocol is in place, the post mortem examination could not be carried out in Donegal.
In this instance, coronor Dr John Madden says, there was no other option than for the parents to take the baby’s body to Dublin, asccompanied by a garda sergeant.
Local councillor Rena Donaghey described the situation as a disgrace, saying it’s the second time in as many years that this has happened in Inishowen. The HSE it is responsible for providing facilities, but it is a matter for the Department of Justice to arrange for post mortems to take place.
Greg Hughes reports:


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