UDA confirms decommissioning has taken place

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UDA confirms weapons have been decommissioned
Leaders of the Ulster Defence Association have confirmed it’s decommissioned all weapons under its control.
The North’s largest loyalist paramilitary group put the remainder of its arsenal out of use in recent weeks.
The organisation, responsible for some of the bloodiest atrocities during the conflict, had already put a small number of guns beyond use last June.
Frankie Gallagher from the Ulster Political Research Group confirmed the development at a meeting in Belfast earlier.
“Today the leadership of the Ulster Defence Association can confirm that all weaponry under it’s control has been put verifiably beyond use” he said.
“The work in progress with General John De Chastelain and his team has been concluded, the internal arrangements of disarmament have been completed, and these actions have been verified by two independent witnesses – Lord Eames and Sir George Quigley” he added.


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