Sinn Fein pull out of council agreement over budget row

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Sinn Fein has confirmed this morning it is pulling out of the technical agreement on Donegal County Council, and seeking an inclusive power sharing agreement, involving all parties on council.
The party whip Cllr Padriag Mac Lochlainn says following a series of internal party discussions, Sinn Fein is to seek a special meeting of Donegal County Council, at which it will ask all parties and elected members to agree a new deal.
Under the proposal, Fianna Fáil will complete this year’s mayoral term and one more year, Fine Gael and Sinn Fein will have one year each, with the final year to be agreed between Fine Gael, Independents, and the Labour party.
Sinn Fein have been putting these proposals to the other parties since yesterday, and are awaiting their responses.
The move follows the adoption of a budget last month by Fianna Fail, while the other 19 councillors were outside the chamber, a move which led to threats of a confidence vote in the mayor.
As those 19 councillors prepare to met today, Cllr Mac Lochlainn says a confidence vote would not secure the three quarters majority necessary, and that opens the prospect of a lame duck council.


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