Council re-open reservoirs but supply may return slowly

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The Council has re-opened the water supply from a number of reservoirs around the county this morning but it may take several hours before water returns to some homes.
Again last night water was switched off in many part of the county
As the thaw worsens the water shortage in Donegal the council was again forced to cut off supply to large areas of the county last night.
The council says supply in the Inishowen area appears to have stabilised and the area’s water supply was maintained over night.
This was not the case elsewhere with large parts of the Glenties, Stranorlar and Donegal electoral areas having their supply restricted.
Supply was also turned off overnight to the Glenmaquin Group Water Supply Scheme in Letterkenny due to excessive demand.
And while the council has switched on supply to all areas this morning  It may take some hours for water to reach all consumers after reservoirs are re-opened.


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