Calls for urgent action on council’s emergency call centre

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Donegal County Council is being urged to organise its own local emergency call centre next Christmas.
A review of how the council handled the big freeze recently is continuing, but Cllr David Alcorn says the issue of problems with the call centre used over last Christmas and New Year needs to be addressed immediately.
He told the council this week that people were ringing a centre in Cork and speaking to people whjo had no idea about the geography of Donegal, and were unable to help in any real way.
He says the problem must be acknowledged and rectified
Meanwhile, Cllr Marie Terese Gallagher has criticised the decision to stop gritting the back of Errigal and Ranafast roads during the freeze.
Initially, the Back of Errigal route was not included on the council’s priority list, but it was later included at the insistence of members.
Cllr Gallagher says whatever the outcome of the review, the members will give the same answer:


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