PSNI accused of trying to cause tension among Dissidents

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The PSNI in Derry have informed leading members of the dissident republican movement that their lives are under threat.
It is understood that at least two dissidents have been approached by the PSNI and told they were under threat.
One of the men was informed he was under threat ‘of an unspecified nature’ from members of the dissident republican movement.
The other man was told that the Real IRA in Derry believed that he was an informant.
Both men are prominent members of the dissident group in the city.
A spokesperson for the 32 County Sovereignity Movement said that they believed the PSNI were engaged in ‘dirty tricks’ and were trying to sow dissent within their ranks.
They said that following the killing of Kieran Doherty the security services were trying to create a picture of ‘disunity in republican ranks’ but added that this would not succeed.


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