Donegal man on trial for rape

A Donegal man has gone on trial at the Central Criminal Court accused of raping a woman who was too sick to resist after a party in the county.
The man pleaded not guilty to raping and sexually assaulting the thirty-year-old woman in a house in Donegal on May 20, 2007.
The woman gave evidence that she woke up to the accused having sex with her after she and a friend had been at a party with him earlier. She said she was ill, and could not move or speak as he raped her.
The woman told prosecuting counsel, Mr Alexander Owens SC, that she and a friend had gone out that night to a nightclub and met several people. She said she had around seven vodkas and they left at half two to go to a party.
She said everything was “a bit of a blur”, and when they arrived at the party, she felt ill and vomited in the kitchen while a man in a navy shirt was watching her.
She said she started to pass in and out of conciousness, and the next thing she remembers is waking up in a bed with the accused on top of her. She said she was totally powerless, but she recognised him as the man in the blue shirt.
The next morning, she got the “morning after pill” before making a complaint to gardai.
The trial continues before Mr Justice John Edwards and a jury of nine men and three women.


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