Customs official seize car of woman involved in Buncrana stand

Customs officials have this afternoon seized the vehicle of a woman who was the subject of a six hour stand-off in Buncrana yesterday .
Friends of Ms Margaret Davin says16 customs officers arrived at her house this afternoon to seize her northern registered car despite claims that she had been given a caution yesterday.
This time Ms Davin’s was refused access to her vehicle, a van was parked at the entrance of her home to prevent the cars removal, but was subsequently removed by the direction of the gardai.
Ms Davin’s friend, Ryan Stewart, the creator of a popular anti VRT page on Facebook has been giving his version of events…..

Earlier today, an official from the Revenue and Customs Service has suggested non payment of VRT is a bigger problem in Donegal than elsewhere in the country.
The comments were made in a BBC interview after yesterday’s stand off in Buncrana between customs officers and a woman  who refused to leave her car.
So far, the Revenue and Customs Press Office has not made a spokesperson available for interview to Highland Radio, despite requests from both the news team and the Shaun Doherty Show.
However, one official did speak to the BBC this morning, suggesting that there is a higher rate of non-payment of VRT in Donegal than elsewhere in the country.
In the course of that interview, Sean Kelleher suggested the issue is highlighted more in this region is because customs are intensifying their operations in the Donegal area.
Mr Kelleher said the law is clear, and those who do not comply are vigorously pursued. The issue was brought into sharp focus when, over a two day period last month, over 1,000 vehicles were stopped.  69 were seized and 96 warnings were issued.